40 IG Story Highlights Pack - Minimal Icons

40 IG Story Highlights Pack - Minimal Icons


Tidy up your Instagram profile with my Highlights Pack. You don't have to waste your precious time trying to design your own story highlights because I've whipped up 40 icons that you can choose from, and each icon is available in 8 different colours!

Fully customised and ready to go, your pack includes:

  • 40 x white minimal icon story highlights
  • 40 x half white/half grey minimal icon story highlights
  • 40 x dusty pink minimal icon story highlights
  • 40 x brown minimal icon story highlights
  • 40 x half white/half pink minimal icon story highlights
  • 40 x marble minimal icon story highlights
  • 40 x concrete minimal icon story highlights
  • 40 x powder blue minimal icon story highlights

How to use:

  1. Save the images to your phone
  2. Upload image as an Instagram story highlight
  3. To create a new highlight category: select add new, select all stories and the cover image, select 'edit cover', choose highlight icon.
  4. To edit an existing highlight: in your Instagram story highlight the new icon story and save to desired category, head to your profile, long-press on desired category and select 'edit', select 'edit cover' and choose highlight icon.



They are for PERSONAL use only. Do not resell, redistribute, or give away as freebies.

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds can be given. Sharing these files or claiming them as your own is strictly prohibited

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Icons included and potential categories you could use them for:


Apple (health, food, eating, what I eat)

Avocado (health, food, meals, cafes)

Bell (education, notices)

Book (study, reading, books, blog post, quotes)

Cake (parties, birthday, desserts)

Camera (photography, pictures, highlights)

Cat (pets, cats, animals)

Chat box (message, quote, text, screenshot)

Chef hat (meals, recipes, food, food blog posts)

Coat hanger (fashion, outfits, ootd, brands)

Coffee cup (cafe, chill out, drinks, friends)

Cutlery (food, eating, restaurants, cafes)

Dog (animals, pets, dogs)

Dress (fashion, ootd, outfits)

Dumbbell (gym, fitness, health)

Email (contact, sales, highlights, personal)

Eye (mindfulness, quotes, reflections)

Flowers (nature, house plants, interior)

Game controller (hobbies, games)

Globe (travel, nature)

Groceries (food, recipes, food blog post, meals, cafes)

Headphones (music, playlists)

Heart (favourites, friends, family)

Home icon (blog, website, family)

Lips (selfies, makeup, photos)

Lipstick (makeup, products, flatlays, selfies)

Music note (music, playlists, spotify)

Paw (pets, animals, dog, cat)

Pencil (art, drawing, writing, quotes, work)

Plane (travel, transport, vacation)

Pot plant (home, house plants, plants, nature)

Sneaker (fashion, ootd, fitness, exercise)

Star (favourites, noteworthy)

T-shirt (fashion, mens fashion, ootd, clothing ideas)

Tea cup (drinks, friends, cafes, food)

Tie (fashion, mens fashion, formal)

Sunset (sunset, nature, travel)

Wine glass (party, nights out, friends, drinks)

Writing image (writing, quotes, text, blog posts)