Provided your brand ethos aligns well with mine, I love to create high quality collaborations with individuals and brands alike. These collaborations could take part on YouTube, my blog, Instagram, or a combination.

video production

If you have a video concept that's a little out of the ordinary for your track or product, feel free to get in touch and we can create some magic.


If you're a musician and would like to have your (copyright-free) music featured in my videos, please feel more than welcome to get in contact. Please include a link to your portfolio, social media (for me to link from the video) and/or download links for your tracks. 


I also provide branding guidance for those who would like more direction with how to develop their brand, or for companies and businesses looking for a branding template to use as reference material with staff and collaborators. Having a strong brand direction can help your business feel relatable to consumers, and can increase your online social presence.


Would you like me to create a feature article for your blog? Topics that I touch on include minimalism & decluttering, health, fitness, nutrition, and photography.

say hi

This form is for business enquiries only, all other emails submitted through this form will not be responded to. If you have a health and fitness question or need Eat Run Lift customer service please contact one of my Eat Run Lift customer service representatives through this form (they will respond much faster!). If you are a viewer of my YouTube channel and are sending me your suggestions for content or asking me a general question please DM me on Instagram or leave your question as a comment on one of my social media pages.

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