Rachel Aust

hey, I'm Rachel Aust

I’m a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and wellness coach, but I believe wellness is more than just the foods you eat or the exercise you do. I think to be ‘truly well’ we need to redesign our mindset and our space to allow ourselves to grow.

I put together this blog as a way to share my mindful living tips, zero waste ideas, plant growth hacks, and any other useful tid-bits for the stressed out woman who needs to learn how to back away from her work desk and focus on herself for a minute, because the grass is only greener where it’s watered.

If you’re ready to take a minute for yourself, unwind, and discover easy ways you can be more thoughtful in the way you live your life, sit back, relax, and have a look around.

You can also catch me over on YouTube or Instagram, and I am available for speaking engagements across Australia.

For content collaborations and interviews, please reach out to Ryan.Lamont@gleamfutures.com




Rachel Aust

Speaking across Australia with brands such as YouTube, DK, VidCon, and many local councils, Rachel creates an engaged and evocative atmosphere through her talks on minimalism, zero waste, and intentional living.

Life is complicated, and the idea of decluttering or simplifying can feel seriously overwhelming to most, which, is the last thing we want when we are actively trying to reach a less stressed version of ourselves. Rachel preaches that you don’t have to go from a guest star on Hoarders to Marie Kondo overnight.

Rachel’s quick wit and touches of humour create a light and fun atmosphere during her presentations.


Rachel truly shines in a panel or Q&A formats where she can share her insights in a dynamic group setting. She is also able to take on solo speaking engagements or workshops.

Rachel is able to present on the following topics:

- Minimalism & decluttering
- Intentional living & zero waste
- Personal branding
- YouTube & social media growth

If you have something else in mind feel free to get in touch today!