MBFWA THE RESORT '18 | What I Wore

Fashion week feels like it was months ago now since I have resumed my crazy regular life schedule or working, working, and, surprise, working. However, it only finished a week ago, so why not share my outfits before too much time slips away! For a girl who spends a majority of her waking hours in gym tights and a sports bra I really do have a lot of fun styling outfits, which is something I used to lend a hand with during my old days of doing fashion photography. Fashion Week is a great way to express yourself and dress is whatever maniacal way your weird little heart desires, and the more 'out there' your look is, the more street-style photographers will come running after you, it's a funny sight to behold. So let's jump into these looks and where you can find them, unfortunately this isn't all the looks I wore, just the ones I got photos of. I'd also love to know which of these was your favourite, leave me a comment beneath this article! :)

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Jacket | Sunglasses (similar, different band colour) | Shoes

This was one of the more comfortable looks that I wore to the shows (aside from this there was a mini dress from Zhivago that I wore with sneakers, which I didn't have time to get a snap of!). I found the pants in Japan when I ended up in a random store with Rachel-Lee (read Japan post here), and the bag during another part of our trip. I'm not sure the names of either of the Japanese stores that I got those two items from, and the pants don't even have a label name in them! This look was actually thrown together very last minute. I had a few hours break between shows and ended up lying in bed, watching a zombie movie, and editing Instagram photos.. I was doing this until 15 minutes before I had to leave. On this particular afternoon I was so tired that I literally just thought, "Screw it," and this is what came of that. I wore high-waisted underwear under the pants, to give them the illusion of a high-waist cut, and just threw a bomber jacket over a sports bra and called it a day.

Coat (faux minx) | Dress | Shoes

This look was an absolute gamble, I felt so confident in it until I left the house, and by then it was too late so I had to just suck it up and deal with the choice I made. I wore this lace Sant Elia number on my final day of attending fashion week - a day that I originally wasn't even going to stay for, but I ended up extending my trip. I had borrowed this lace dress from my favourite Sydney PR team, and I was supposed to grab a fitted bustier dress from the same designer to wear underneath it. Both myself and the PR somehow ended up missing the slip and I noticed early in the week that I had this long lace dress, but nothing to wear under it.

Originally I was going to exclude it as an outfit option, but because I was staying the extra day, and it was going to be my last day, AND I was going to be sitting in the front of the VMajor show, so I wanted to push the boundaries a little. There I was.. at 11pm in my Air BnB the night before... trying on a lace dress with nothing but high waisted knickers and nipple covers underneath (a tip from me: high waisted knickers and nipple covers are a MUST have for versatile styling, I always pack them). I ended up rolling with it, and to make it appear a little more modest I threw my massive House of CB coat around my elbows, but let's face it, not much can save this, I need Jesus.

Dress | Shoes

THIS. LOOK. Zhivago always win for me. I find their dresses incredibly flattering on my figure, and more importantly, empowering to wear. The Instagram comments you guys were leaving on this photo perfectly described how I felt wearing this, so I will leave you with three absolute gems:


My set | Rachel-Lee's dress

Rachel-Lee and I made plenty of jokes about the fact that we looked like we were getting married when we were together in these outfits. I wore my S.E. by Sant Elia Bird In Flight set, which you may have seen regularly pop up in my photos and videos, it's one of those elegant statement pieces that I will always opt to wear whenever I have the occasion for it. Now that I have my whole back piece finished I find that it makes even more of a statement: a lightweight, ethereal, and feminine set offset by a huge back tattoo, the juxtaposition of the two together really appeals to me. I'm glad it was noticed by other photographers too, as quite a few came up to comment on how they loved the back piece surrounded by the light, white fabric.

Coat | Dress | Shoes

When I saw this slinky little dress (check that under-boob lace panel!) I knew I wanted to pair it with some strappy heels and a large coat. Thankfully I had brought my House of CB coat and knew the shoes I could wear with it. The Void dress from Monster Alphabets is quite small, so if you're on the taller end of the scale I'd definitely recommend wearing it with a large coat to be on the safe side. I thought this look would give off an effortlessly sexy vibe, without being over the top.

Dress | Shoes + Belt (discontinued)

A new staple dress for me: a knit from All Saints. I find the cut flattering, and as a bonus it's comfy to wear. I like to cinch it in at the waist with a small belt (a narrow belt will help highlight your waist). I decided it was best to keep the whole look simple on this particular morning of shows, so I just brushed through my hair and added a pair of single-strap Novo heels.


And that's it for this outfit post! Perhaps next time I can do a workout gear lookbook?