Lightroom Presets Available!

Before (top) and After (bottom) - Milky Tea Preset

Before (top) and After (bottom) - Milky Tea Preset

If you watched a vlog I put together in December last year (forever ago, I know), I mentioned that I might put my Lightroom presets up for sale. Well, I've finally got around to it. I had the presets sitting there ready to go (because they're what I use for all my Instagram images), but earlier in the year I had to launch:
(1) The next round of my 12 week online fitness challenge,
(2) My training journal and planning diaries,
(3) My book "Less",
and now I've finally had time to whip this together!


I've released two preset packs to begin with: Clean & Green, and Caramels. 

This is the kind of look you can achieve with the clean and green filter:

A mix of all 5 filters

A mix of all 5 filters


And these are the kinds of looks you can achieve with the Caramel filter pack:

Combination of Burnt Sugar, Milky Tea, and Toffee presets.

Combination of Burnt Sugar, Milky Tea, and Toffee presets.

Honeycomb preset.

Honeycomb preset.


Adjust your images with a single click!

Multiple filters in each pack to match to different images.

Bonus editing/retouching video to learn how to get the most out of your images.

And as a free bonus, I've also included a video in your download where I teach you step-by-step how I edit images. I'll walk you through:

  • One headshot

  • Two interior photos

  • One full length portrait

The video also covers:

  • Basic camera set up and how to get the most out of your presets

  • Lightroom process and how to select the right filter

  • Photoshop adjustments I personally make to individual photos

  • Basic portrait retouching for digital uploads

Check out the preset packs here (includes examples of all filters):

Introductory discount available for the first 2 weeks only!

FAQ (from my Instagram DM's)

Can these be used in Photoshop, or are they only for Lightroom?
The preset packs can only be used in Lightroom.

How do I install them?
There is an installation guide included in the zip file you will download.

Why are the packs different prices?
Clean & Green is at a reduced rate because it's a pack of filters I no longer use. The premium price for the Caramel presets is because I'm essentially selling you the exact look of my Instagram feed.

What camera settings should I use for these to work best?
I cover this in the free editing/retouching pack included in your download :)

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