Tasmania (Captain's Rest)


FIRSTLY, wow, it's been a while. Life got out of control (some massive projects I'm working on, and cannot wait to share oh my goodness), but I've finally had time to put this post together!


Almost a month ago now my friend Arna and I packed our bags and headed off to the Western coast of Tasmania to find a little cabin nestled way in Lettes Bay, Captain's Rest.


We landed in Hobart in the morning, picked up our hire car, stocked up on all the health foods we probably wouldn't be able to get out there, and set off on a 5 hour drive to the opposite coast of Tasmania. The 5 hour drive allowed for a little exploring and a few stop-offs in places like Pumphouse Point for me to get my drone up into the air and get some shots.


It was so awesome to actually be able to take my drone out for more than a quick opening shot, I also brought a gimbal (DJI Ronin-mx) along on the trip with me to get lots of stable shots that have movement. And yes, it's heavy, and yes, I made Arna carry it sometimes haha. Anyone who travels with me is always forewarned that at some point they will have the responsibility of heavy camera gear thrust upon them to get a few cut-over clips of me for my video.


If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, this is the video I put together of my trip to Tasmania with Captain's Rest. The cabin somehow encapsulates more peace than anywhere else I've ever been before. It was quiet without being eerie, it was still without being bland, and it felt like I was stepping into a home that someone loved very dearly.

We spent a few days exploring Lettes Bay, and the neighbouring Strahan, going on hikes and sipping sparkling water out of wine glasses (that no drinking life). As much as I wanted to just rest and do nothing, there was an uncontainable force in me pushing me out to go film video and record audio. I wanted to make something unlike the videos I'd made before and put into practise the things I've been learning. 


If you find yourself in Tasmania I'd highly recommend making the trip over, and let yourself stay and melt away in the magic that is Captain's Rest for at least 4-5 days. My only regret is not staying long enough.


For now, I hope you enjoy the photos, many of which didn't make it onto my Instagram in time before I had to start posting my regular images/promotions again.