Minimal Bullet Journal Layouts


So, I moved house! I moved state actually, for any of those who missed me non-stop mentioning the moving process haha. I'm in the process of getting my office space set up in the new house and I unpacked a box of my journals (which are available from here).

I recently released my range of journals called Plan Train Create (to match Eat Run Lift :p). When I was unboxing these fresh ones, I thought it'd be a great idea to put together a post to share some minimal weekly layout ideas I had, so hopefully you guys can get some inspo too - especially seeing as I'm not putting up the bullet journal videos on my YouTube channel anymore.

My idea behind bullet journalling is to keep the layout so simple that you can draw it up without the need for a ruler. The reason I do this is because the best time I find to set up my journals is when I'm on a plane trip or trying to fill time between other tasks.

So without any further rambling, I'll talk you through some minimalist layout ideas I sketched up to try over the coming weeks (you can click on the images to open them full screen)!


1. No borders

Okay so I may have messed up in the habit tracker part and written sleep, even though I made a separate sleep tracker haha! Oh well, that list is just for examples. For this layout I wanted to keep it as border-free as possible to give the pages an open feel. It still contains a note section, grocery list and habit trackers, but doesn't look cluttered up with lots of boxes and lines.


2. Healthy Eating

The layout for those who have lots of tasks to get done throughout the day. It features more length for the to-do lists, but also accommodates for planning your meals and goal setting.


3. Super Simple Single

For the ultra-minimal look you could try a single page layout such as this. It collates all days onto one page, giving you more space to do daily layouts on the following pages and save the weekly tracker for important notices or events.


If you'd like to pick up one of my bullet-style journals you can grab them from here. I also have an artist's sketchpad available, and my (JUST back in stock) training diary will get you on track with your fitness goals. Let me see your layouts by using #plantraincreate!