VIDEO RECAP: July 2017

Firstly, I'm sorry I haven't been able to do many posts on this blog this month! There is a huge project I'm working on which has very strict deadlines for the next few months (I can't say what it is just yet, but I can tell you I'm very excited, and it's also evaporated most of my time)! There's still regular posts going up on the Eat Run Lift blog, both recipes created by me, and blog posts by myself and the Eat Run Lift trainers (we try to make Eat Run Lift the best free resource available for you and your health that we can, so there's heaps on there).

Also, I know many of you are keen to find out who the winner is of the giveaway. The giveaway app is set to a US timezone, so it finishes up in a few hours (I'm writing this post very soon before publishing it). After the giveaway is finished I'm going to take 1-2 days to go through and read the entries and select a winner. The winner will be announced via blog post, so keep your eyes peeled for a notification from me :)

Here is the recap for the videos that went up during July, get to know a little more about them, and see which video series will no longer be continuing!



Another full day vlog where I show you an upper body workout and some of my day. In these kind of vlogs I like to try and focus on my training and food, so that anyone else with similar issues to what I have can see what I'm doing to get results. If you have a vlog topic you'd like me to cover regarding health/fitness please leave a comment on this blog post and let me know! Some that I have coming up are 'What Supplements I'm Using' (all about the supps I'm using to manage my PCOS in combination with diet and exercise) and 'How To Keep A Small Waist' (regarding training etc).



A 7-tip video with my methods for avoiding procrastination. With a busy schedule it's very important for me to have mechanisms in place to know when I'm procrastinating and how to stop it. These are some go-to's for me.



A sit-down video where I discuss the problems that I'm having with YouTube at the moment. As a creator the platform can be very frustrating, and at the moment my videos aren't evening arriving in everyones' subscription boxes. Because I do cover a broad range of topics on my channel it's natural that I'm not going to have high views on every video (e.g. vloggers tend to have high views because their videos are always about one thing: vlogs, or same for makeup channels, and pretty much any channel that strictly covers one topic). Having a broad range of topics covered means that I may have high subs but lower views, because people might subscribe for, say, minimalism, and aren't interested in watching the health and fitness content.

Lately finding the motivation to film is difficult when people are requesting videos I've already made for them, or when I'm getting messages from people asking why I am not uploading, when I have been uploading twice a week, every week.



When I say this meal prep is easy, I mean it. All of these dishes can be made in one pan, and don't require any crazy ingredients or advanced cooking techniques. All of these recipes can be created quite quickly for a healthy (yet fast) meal.



For this video I decided to try and film a workout in a way that I would want to watch it: no rambling on, no long boring intro, just straight to the workout. It also includes visual cards displaying what exercise is next, and a countdown timer to let you know when the time is nearly up for an exercise. The video is 5 mins long, so replay it 3 times to get the full workout.



This is a video I did in collaboration with for the launch of their new MUA Shop, which stocks makeup products for both the makeup enthusiast and the makeup professional. They asked me to select what products I would use to create a look, so I chose the products I thought would allow me to create a flawless finish with only five minutes of application time.



Follow me around for a couple of days! I share some of my food ideas, and also what I've been up to lately.



I think this might be my last bullet journal video for a while! My layout doesn't change drastically, and I tend to use a very simple layout (so I'm not able to go and do a whole 'theme' each month for the upload - like I've seen in other Bullet Journal videos). The views on these are very low, so sometimes as a YouTuber you have to make the decision to cut this kind of content. I find that it's a balance of making entirely what you want to make, in a way that's still 'consumable' by a general audience. These videos aren't something I'm dying to make, I don't mind them, and they're simple to put together, so it's not the end of my world to cut them. I still enjoy bullet journalling, but according to the stats it's not something that does well on my channel, and I could use that upload spot for something better that more people want to watch. I will have a blog post regarding bullet journalling coming soon :)