Zero Waste Eye Makeup Remover

zw - eye makeup remover.jpg

Makeup and all the products we need to take it off can definitely impact the wallet and the bathroom shelf haha. I’ve been messing with a few different recipes to find an eye makeup remover that works best for me, using only ingredients that I already have around the home. This way I’m not buying new things just for one recipe, and it also eliminates me bringing a tiny bit of extra plastic home with makeup remover bottles.

When I am removing my makeup I like to use this mixture along with some linen face cloths (which I wash and reuse).


  • 4 parts grapeseed oil

  • 1 part argan oil

Simply mix together the oils (don’t fill the bottle completely because you’ll want to be able to shake/mix it up each time you use it). I find it’s extra refreshing if you leave it stored in the fridge!